Tuesday, October 1, 2013


[I strive to keep Mesquite Hugger a positive and encouraging place, but I will diverge a bit today.]

Spoilt brats. How often do you see spoilt children who throw a tantrum and shut everything down until they get their way? We see it more and more often.

When you read the lists of government entities that are now shut down (and whose workers will not be paid) because of children who have been taught that their way is the only way and that there is no compromise, please know that the spoilt brats who create our policies have made sure that they will continue to receive their paychecks. The citizens of our great nation will now suffer because our congress has not learned basic human decency or simple economics. UGH

On a bittersweetly ironic note, today's very cool Google Doodle celebrates Yosemite National Park's 123rd anniversary, and the park is shut down with the rest of the government.