Monday, March 16, 2015

3-Minute Vacation: San Fran, Plug-in Fords, Trials Bicycles

Keep in mind, I am an old, fat guy who struggles to chew gum and walk at the same time, but I do have an unrealistic dream or two. One of those is to be able to plop down the cash for a plug-in car, but anybody with cash can do that. I'd also love to spend a few hours at the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco. That cash thing again. My third dream (at least in the context of this post) is to ride a bicycle like Danny MacAskill, a guy who makes the impossible look easy, fluid, and lyrical. No amount of money in the world...

 a still shot from the video vacation

I have a new mentor lately, a gentleman much wiser than I, who offers very good advice. He was recommending recently that I needed to get away, to get out and do something that I love without the pressures or expectations of other people, a time when I could experience joy, exhiliration, and peace. I mentioned canoeing on running water, and he said something dangerous. He told me that even if I could not get out on a river, it would be good to find a photo or a short video to let my brain experience a tiny vacation from the day. The 3-Minute Vacation idea was born!

I popped over to youtube this weekend and ran across a video where guys who can ride a lot like Danny Mac cruise about the Bay Area in plug-in Fords to reach places to ride their bikes. Living the dream!

Bike Parkour - Streets of San Francisco

May you enjoy your Spring Break, no matter how short, and may you get there using green transportation!

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