Local Wildlife Posts - West Texas

7/30/2013 That prairie dog just said you're fat!

8/28/2013 Backyard Fauna - Gecko

8/30/2013 a-wiggling and a-hissing

10/25/2013 Urban Wildlife - Lubbock Style

10/26/2013 Random Insect of the Day

12/17/2013 Last Minute Mesquite Hugger Gifts - Texas Wildlife Conservation

4/17/2014 Someone Wrote an Article About My Favorite Pastime - Turtle Crossing!

4/18/2014 Wildlife in Spring

5/12/2014 The Texas Spiny Lizard, a Bobcat Sighting - and Water

5/14/2014 Tadpoles (and I stand in the middle of a playa lake)

5/20/2014 White-Winged Dove Kicks Grackle Butt!

5/28/2014 Local (Micro)Wildlife: Look Who Else Likes the Arbor Day Trees

8/5/2014 Playa and Tadpole Update - now with legs!

8/21/2014 The Jumbo Tadpoles Update

8/28/2014 Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Forum

9/18/2014 Lubbock Urban Wildlife - A Little Bit of Gray

9/22/2014 Lubbock: Things We Don't Normally See (Mushrooms)

10/6/2014 Lubbock People Who Rock: SPWRC

10/18/2014 Lubbock: Thank You Tiny Predators!

11/29/2014 A Not-So-Black Friday (Caprock Canyons)

12/4/14 Lubbock: We want a playa-lake island for Christmas!

3/16/2015 Lubbock on a Bike and Urban Ducks March 2015

4/7/15 Lubbock Local Wildlife: Get Ready for Spring (SPWRC)


5/29/15 Your Friday Morning Grackle

7/6/2015 Lubbock Local Wildlife: random picture post 7-15

7/18/2015 Your Saturday Grackle (posted on Sunday)

7/20/2015 Lubbock Local Wildlife: An Eternal Tadpole Update

8/2/2015 Early Sunday Ramblings

8/6/2015 Lubbock Local Wildlife: Tadpole Update and DUH!!!

8/10/2015 A Few Sunday Photos

8/16/2015 A Few Photos from Houston

8/25/2015 Lubbock Local Wildlife: No Dog Park, But a Great Frog Park!

3/14/2016 Lubbock Local Wildlife: tiny spring harbinger with sticky feet

3/31/2016 14 Random Pics, Updates, and a Mockingbird Serenade

8/10/2016 Lubbock Local Wildlife: A Rare Sighting

8/11/2016 Lubbock Local Wildlife: Leaping Lizard!

9/28/2016 Lubbock Local Wildlife: Turtle Rescue 2016

5/23/2017 Minipost - Sharing one of my favorite local animals - the JackRabbit

11/28/2017 Giving Tuesday 2017

[updated 12/14/2017]

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