Friday, July 28, 2017

Congratulations, your actions do matter! Plus Simple Green-ness!

[It started (as many things do around here) with an infographic. ]

On the internet it's a go back and forth thing- Here are the steps YOU can take to save the planet vs. There's not a darn thing YOU as an individual can do to save the planet. Most of the time I'm in camp one - let's roll up our sleeves and get to work saving the planet!  Once in a while, I get too immersed in the news and camp 2 sneaks into my thinking.

And then there's my love of infographics- those friendly pics with graphs that tell you in a glance lots of stuff you need to know. So I am happy to share with you an infographic that Grist was happy to share with me.

(Eventually, you may see someone post the Mesquite Hugger link, but don't hold your breath.)

I really like the Sierra Club link (above). It describes the creation of this study (and infographic). And it is ultimately practical - when people ask what they can do to stop climate climate change, here are some options you can offer them:

Personal choices to reduce your contribution to climate change

Low Impact
Upgrade light bulbs

Moderate Impact
Hang dry clothes
Wash clothes in cold water
Replace typical car with a hybrid

High Impact
Eat a plant based diet
Switch electric-car to car-free
Buy green energy
Avoid one roundtrip transatlantic flight
Live car free
Have one fewer child

Feeling inspired to make any changes? There's a list. It's not an exhaustive list, but the actions are ones that are pretty easily measured and a great place to start.

And while we are on the subject...look at the list and see which ones fall in the live simply category. Are there any on the list that would cost you nothing? Whether you measure that in money or time, which ones just ask you to do something a simpler way?

For me, it all rolls back to that Personal Carbon Reduction thing and Spreading the Word. So I guess it's time to get back to living, writing  and talking about it. (And maybe I should write a little less about shiny things with wheels.) Our actions do, indeed, matter, so let's get out and do something worthwhile.

For me, it's time to hop on the not-so-shiny bike and make something of the day.

May your days be filled with better choices and may we all be richer for it.

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