Monday, November 10, 2014

Two-Wheeler Articles from One of My Favorite Blogs

Another tiny post - this one for those of you who like two-wheelers and or the blog Gas 2. So, really, it's a post for me and I hope you like it.

For those of you who, like me, love Vespa scooters, here is a new e-bike from Piaggio, Vespa's parent company. This article features a nice little animated video for what seems a cool feature-rich bike. It is exciting to see a name-brand Euro e-bike that is not based on the Bosch mid-drive system - man, there are a lot of those lately: Trek, Felt, KTM...

Piaggio Launches Plug-in Bike at EICMA

And for those of you who are trying to convince your spouse and/or Santa Claus that you need a scooter or motorcycle for Christmas so that you can save money on fuel - good luck on the math for that argument - here is a great article to help you decide which one to ask for. Ranging from the Grom to the Elio, there is some interesting stuff here:

The 11 Best Fuel-efficient Motorcycles You Can Buy in 2015


Honey, I really NEED an Elio!

May your spouse do the math and place an e-bike under the tree for you this Christmas!