Saturday, February 8, 2014

LHUCA Forum on Fracking Today

I am not a brave or particularly wise man, but I do try to be accountable for my actions and give thought to those actions and how they impact others. I keep a journal to help me with that.

I do not want to go to this forum. I do not want to hear industry and economic experts explain why fracking is good for our energy independence and our ability to support our kids, because I see these as short term benefits leading to a long term destruction of what we are and hope to be. I go today with three questions in mind:

1. How long can we hope to destructively and toxically extract the earth's resources until we have gone too far?

2. How far can we push it before our money and our science cannot save us?

3. Have we reached that point already?

May we live and breathe freely, and may our actions not destroy that for others.