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10/21/2013 Electric Beetle Article - ElectroFahrvernugen

10/24/2014 Leaf, Volt, Tesla S - all from the same owner

10/28/2013 Electric Car Optimism (Tesla)

11/5/2013 Another Electric Beetle (VW)

11/7/2013 Keep those electrons rocking in the free world!

11/25/2013 So, who drives electric cars now?

12/5/2013 The Other Exciting EV News for the Week (MiEV)

12/10/2013 Just a Normal EVTown (You Normal people rock!)

12/13/2013 8 Reasons...Shamelessly Reposting from PlanetSave

12/20/2013 Electric Cars: Two Cities See Investment Pay Off

1/6/2014 I was very excited, now I am pretty excited - Ford C-Max Solar Energi

1/10/2014 A Tale of Two DIY Electric Cars

1/29/2014 A Few Local EV's for your viewing pleasure

1/30/2014 3 VW Microbuses: Old, New, and Electric

2/6/2014 Vintage Electric Cars Small & Smaller OR Why I Should Be Banned from Ebay

3/3/2014 Gentlemen (and Ladies). Start Your Tivos! (VW and Citicar)

3/4/2014 Getting Shocked by the Bug (VW)

3/6/2014 Tesla Battery Factory in Lubbock - Fat Chance!

3/18/2014 Lubbock Electric Car Spotting - My dorkdom conversion is complete!

3/19/2014 Ask and ye shall...find it on the web - Electric Lamborghini

3/19/2014 One More EV Post for the Day: A Visit to Bloom County
                 (I really love this!)

3/21/2014 Petroleum-Free Transport: How willing are you to look like a dork?

3/26/2014 The Response to the Petroleum-Free Dork Post

3/26/2014 Sincerely hoping to eat crow on this one: Tesla Battery Factory in Lubbock

3/28/2014 Lubbock Electric Car Spotting and Duelling EV Commercials

3/31/2014 Break Out the Tie-Dye and 8-Tracks (VW)

4/9/2014 It's been a while since MH posted an Electric VW...

4/24/2014 Walter Mitty-ism, the Electric Mazda, and the TZero (Part 1)

4/25/2014 Walter Mitty-ism, the Electric Mazda, and the TZero (Part 2)

5/2/2014 Vintage Electric Car Profile: The Very Tiny Kewet

5/22/2014 Electric Car News: Eggs are on the way!

6/11/2014 Electric Transportation on Lubbock Craigslist Today

6/12/2014 Tesla in Texas - the Melodrama Continues

7/17/2014 What Mad Max REALLY Needed - in Wichita Falls, TX

8/14/2014 Lubbock Electric Drivers - Get Together?

8/21/2014 A Tale of Two Electric Cars - Is the day of the commercially available EV here?

8/22/2014 Tar Sands vs Electric Car: Practical Math

10/1/2014 Stealthified Vintage Ram!

10/31/2014 Vintage Electric Car Profile: Zagato Elcar

12/8/2014 Want to stop smoking? Buy a Leaf!

12/19/2014 I found my new dream electric vehicle - move over Tesla

1/13/2015 Lubbock Drivers: Could a Nerf Car Save Us?

1/22/2015 Hooning Around in the Spira4U Nerf Car

2/9/2015 Ready for a new Tesla with a super-low carbon footprint?

2/18/2015 The Frustrating Mitsubishi MiEV

2/25/2015 Minipost: A Tale of Two Vans

3/16/2015 3-Minute Vacation: San Fran, Plug-in Fords, Trials Bicycles

3/26/2015 The Nerf Car: KB, We need to work on our Australian accents!

4/1/2015 A VW Microbus Hybrid, an Electric Slug-Bug, and a King Midget

5/28/2015 Vintage + Electric Conversion = Droolworthy e-Truck

6/16/2015 Vintage Electric Car Profile: the almighty Sebring Vanguard Citicar!

7/2/2015 Old News Minipost - How a Citicar can get you into Tesla

7/8/2015 Gardening, Bicycling, and Electric Cars - Keeping the Faith

7/29/2015 Lubbock Electric Vehicle Sightings this Week

8/3/2015 What's Better than an EV Microbus? A Solar EV Microbus!

8/7/2015 National Drive Electric Week in OKC and Lubbock(?!!!)

8/21/2015 More Funky Electric Vehicle Temptations - August 2015

8/26/2015 Personal Carbon Reduction: Transportation Intro

8/31/2015 Electric BMWs in the LBK? Or, Financial Planning for Idjets!

9/11/2015 It starts Saturday - National Drive Electric Week! (But not here.)

9/14/2015 National Drive Electric Week: I found my dream car! (Again!) (Citicar)

9/15/2015 National Drive Electric Week: Popular Mechanics and Vintage DIY WeirdCoolness

9/17/2015 Nat. Drive Electric Week: Buying vs. Building plus more Leaf Temptation

9/19/2015 National Drive Electric Week: Final Post

9/21/2015 Vintage Electric Car in Mister Rogers' 'hood!

10/5/2015 Green Cars at the Texas State Fair Auto Show - Toyota Wins, Nissan Fails

12/7/2015 A Sad Day for US Electro-Dorks - the MiEV is no more

12/15/2016 The Mesquite Hugger 2016 Christmas wishlist: Citicar!

1/26/2016 Wanting Green Stuff - with Polar Bear Bonus Material

2/16/2016 News of another low-cost, low-impact Tesla?

2/25/2016 Vintage Electric Car: Double the Zagato Elcar Fun!

3/1/2016 Falling in Love Again: the Morgan EV3

3/2/2016 An Electric Vehicle I am Even More Excited about! (Big Rig!) UPDATED

3/3/2016 Hot Rod Citicar? Oh, Yes!!!

3/16/2016 Vintage Electric Car Dorks Rejoice! (Another Ebay Elcar)

4/1/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Electric Cars Exist - Really!

4/5/2016 Mesquite Hugger Disclaimer 1: Electric Cars (and Bikes)

4/8/2016 Fossil Free Friday Exclusive: The Egg Arrived (Really Late)

4/15/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Electric Vehicle Smorgasboard! (Updated)

4/19/2016 Earth Day Suggestions: #1 Burn Some Electrons!

5/11/2016 So close! A Comuta-Car (Citicar) in Arlington, TX!!!

7/13/2016 Tesla Supercharger in Lubbock, Texas!

7/22/2016 Fossil Free Friday Random: Electric Postal Trucks?!!!

8/23/2016 My Dream EV - My Wife's Nightmare

8/31/2016 2016 NDEW in Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, Odessa-Midland, & Wichita Falls!!!

9/2/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Random Electric Car Stuff

9/8/2016 Electric Vehicle Sightings in Lubbock  and a Super-Fast Electric Beetle!

9/10/2016 National Drive Electric Week Begins: 2 Local Used Electric Vehicles for Sale

10/28/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Tiny Truck, Blue Pony, Hayhoe Talks Texas

11/2/2016 Pre-Heat: An Unsung Electric Car Luxury

11/30/2016 Low-Hanging Eco-Friendly Fruit 5: Getting Around (Plus Climate Change!)

12/13/2016 A Green Green Car on Ebay (Cititcar)

1/28/2017 Good News: VERY Affordable Electric Cars

2/3/2017 Sidebar Minipost: From Russia with Love?

2/3/2017 Fossil Free Friday: More Inexpensive and (Somewhat) Local Electric Cars

2/8/2017 In case my Russian friends swing back by...Citicar/Comuta Car on EBay!

2/17/2017 A Valentine's Present from Germany: Smart to be all-electric

3/4/2017 Ebay Electric Cars: Elevated OddBall and a Beauty Queen

3/9/2017 So, what's it like to own a Nissan Leaf electric car?

3/24/2017 Fossil Free Friday: Fun Electric Conversions on Ebay and Craigslist

5/13/2017 Droolworthy Vintage Electric: The Ian Motion Mini

5/26/2017 The Dream Shows up Again - Solar VW MicroBus!

6/1/2017 Texas Vintage EV Dork Alert: an ElCar in Keller!

6/8/2017 Simplification (Almost) Railroaded by DIY Electric Truck

4/22/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: An Earth Day Minipost Treat for Vintage Electro-Dorks

6/15/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: Ever met a Moke? (Vintage Mini car)

7/21/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: Two Groovy Carbon-Neutral Local VW Microbuses

[Updated 7/26/2018]

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