Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday Ramble: Closing Up Shop

Back in the spring, Mesquite Hugger projects were going strong. The exercycle garden pump was coming together (very slowly), the local version of the CCL was being reborn, and I had been invited to talk about electric vehicles at a rally for science. Along with that, the garden plan was coming together and the pieces to build a pretty sweet electric bike and an electric scooter were stacking up in the garage. Things were looking really good.

But there wasn't much balance elsewhere in my life. The house was falling apart, the vehicles were falling apart, work was suffering, and (most important) my family was suffering.

So I backed off from the MH stuff and the DIY stuff and have tried to focus on matters closer to home.

In the meantime, the blog has devolved into an electric bicycle ad with occasional forays into other MH areas. And my small attempts at DIY projects have all gone very badly. Mesquite Hugger just ain't what it used to be.

So, it's time to stop putting energy into the blog and to put that energy into living better and pedaling more. This will be the last post.

Thank you to each of you who has spent time reading this blog and to each of you who is working and fighting to make the world a healthier, friendlier place. Keep up the great work!

May you be blessed in all of your eco-friendly ventures and may you find a joyful balance in your own life.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Fossil Free Friday Sunrise

This morning
May you have a great Friday!
PS. My weirdly proud/vane moment this morning - I oogled an image search for "fossil free bike" and the whole screen filled with images from this blog. (Grizz read to me that all writers have enormous egos. I hear you, Grizz. I hear you.)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Giving Tuesday 2017

It's overwhelming this year.

It always is, but the ravages of climate-change and rise in human volatility have made things seem especially dire. It's pretty easy to stay overwhelmed in our own little bubbles. I'm thankful for days like Giving Tuesday to pull us out of ourselves.

I rode the bike to work this morning - something I haven't done nearly enough lately. I was pedaling along thinking of where I could make a contribution this year. For some reason, the bicycle came to mind. So many virtues in just shutting up and pedaling (Thanks, Bob!). I thought of my two favorite American bicycle organizations, People for Bikes and the League of American Bicyclists. Both would be good places for a donation to make our country a better and safer place to bike. It's funny, we are such a wealthy country and there are bikes everywhere, but very few are actually ridden. We have the means but not the motivation.

So the brain wandered off to organizations that seek out those with the motivation but no means. And that led me to World Bicycle Relief.

It's true! (Find it here.)
 Then I rode past one of our local parks. The Canadian Geese are starting to arrive. I also saw four cowbirds and a snowy egret. The next choice was easy:

I love the SPWRC and its mission. (By the way, you can check the place out this Saturday at their Holiday Open House.) Here is what they do:
Okay, those are my picks for this year's Giving Tuesday. What are yours?
May we all find and support ways to make life better for others!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday 2017 Ebikes and Kits - Last Chance and Latecomers

Nope, I've never posted about the Fantic Bikes (did not know they had electric bikes until today) or LEED bike kits (but I have read great things posted by their customers).
And then there's the RadWagon that I may have posted about 20 or 30 times...
Loving the Fantic Seven Days frame
(even if I'm not a big fan of super-fat tires and I can't afford Italian two-wheelers)


(so my RadWagon temptation will greatly diminish!)
May you find something that'll get you riding gas-free, snagit!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Celebrating Black (Dog) Friday 2017

We did it right this year. My lovely wife and I celebrated Black Friday by loading up the three dogs and heading to our favorite Texas canyon to hike some trails and hang out with the buffalo.

Mattie, Kylie, and the canyon

You couldn't ask for a better Black Dog Friday!
(Even Maya, the backpack Chihuahua, thought so.)

We only had to wait in one line!

Just a buffalo under the moon...

May you also be gifted with such great company and beautiful days!

PS. Love you, Spray!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Even More 2017 Ebikes (Kits) on Holiday Sale - Copenhagen Wheel and E-BikeKit

[Alternative Title: Free Pants from Superpedestrian!]
Two more e-bike companies have offered up holiday deals, so I figured I'd share them with you:
Copenhagen Wheel
Wheel start with the Copenhagen We'll. The deal is this - buy a Copenhagen Wheel at full price and they'll attach that wheel to a kilt, pair of skinny jeans, or a pair of trousers. That's a $500 savings. (No, they're not actual articles of clothing intended to cover your privates - they are bikes named after articles of clothing intended to cover your privates.) The trick to getting your free bike is in the first line of the following image:
Everyone needs a button that says Buy the Trousers.
My Christmas wish - for Superpedestrian to offer this bike as the Whitey Tightey!

E-BikeKit's fun whiteboard video - "Slap this puppy on!"
Luckily for them (and you, Dear Reader), it's gonna be much harder to poke fun (throw shade?) at E-BikeKit. If you're not familiar with them, they are a well-respected vendor of (you guessed it) e-bike kits, and are known for great support through the whole process. They are not known for being cheap, but they are known for delivering a very dependable product. And, they have everything on sale for 25% off. Again, check the image below for the trick to getting your savings.

That's it for today. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may we create a healthier world (and even more to be thankful for.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

More 2017 Ebikes on Holiday Sale - RadPower (Minipost)

Yep, the Radwagon of my dreams (and the whole 2017 Rad lineup) is on sale.
Rad Power has done some upgrades and redesigns on all of their bikes, so they're discounting the 2017s to make room for the new stuff. Most of the upgrades are small, but the Radwagon gets a new aluminum frame and the RadCity is now available as a step-through.)
Below are the sale details:

The new Radwagon in town

The Old Model - $300 discount!
(I like the looks of the old one better.)
The other big news at Rad Power - the RadCity Step-Thru!
(On the right)
Yep, these are some tempting prices on very solid bikes from a vendor with a very good reputation. And (if you live in the contiguous 48 or Canada) you get free shipping!
If you've been looking for a good deal on a ready-built e-bike (especially an e-cargo-bike), now's the time!
May the e-bike of your dreams cure your gas-powered headaches!