Do It Yo' Lazy Self and Instructables Posts

8/16/2013 While We're on the Instructables Kick - How to Eat a Prickly Pear!

3/7/2014 Roll Out the (Rain) Barrel

4/11/2014 A Personal Goal Accomplished - Aquaponics Instructable

4/13/2014 The Next Project, and the One After That (And Composting!)

6/4/2014 Lubbock Power Wheels Racing Update and a Smidgen of Michael Martin Murphy

8/12/2014 Recycling Ideas: Let's Get Rolling, Tires, that is

9/11/2014 Priorities, Projects, Composting, Instructables...

12/3/2014 Instructables Contests: Green Energy and Indoor Gardening!

2/19/2015 A DIY Hand-Made, Recycled Ukulele May Not Save the World, but...

3/17/2015 ¡Ollas! Oy vey! - PCR Garden Progress

3/19/2015 Instructables Minipost - Get out your bike and mad scientist tools!

3/27/2015 DIY Cargobike inspiration on Austin Craigslist

5/20/2015 Shopping Cart Cargobike Follow-up (Instructables!!!!!)

5/28/2015 A Better (than My) Rain Barrel

6/15/2015 PCR Updates: Ollas, Raised Bed, No Worms (Snagit!)

6/16/2015 MH Declaration: It's Tiny Trailer Day

7/1/2015 The Project Itch List - Green Brain Dreaming

7/3/2015 Minipost: Two project beginnings and gecko surprise

7/16/2015 PCR: Lubbock Master Gardeners, A Garden Instructable, Random Stuff

9/24/2015 Carbon Munching Garden: Lessons in Ollas, Self-Wicking, and Aquaponics

11/10/15 Recycle: Carry More Stuff on a Bike

11/19/2016 A Spark in the Quest for a DIY Folding Bike

1/19/2016 Brainstorming the Greenhouse - Veggie Shower-O-Rama!

1/22/2016 How does your garden grow in a dome?

1/25/2016 DIY Tiny Biosphere

1/29/2016 Keeping it real(istic) - Mesquite Hugging Plan for Spring and Summer

2/8/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: Electric Bridget Lives!

3/5/2016 Raised Bed Garden Ideas and a Bucket Instructable Preview

3/16/2016 Saturday Minipost: Instructable 3 published in a pickle barrel

4/2/2016 Haul Stuff on Bike: DIY Upcycled Panniers (saddlebags, y'all)

4/12/2016 DIY Instructables Project Daydreaming - Plus a Challenge to You

4/20/2016 Earth Day Suggestions: #3 Seek Greenspiration

5/12/2016 Political Signs: Upcycling and Recycling

5/26/2016 I'm Digging this VermiCompost Idea (Literally and Pun Intended)

6/3/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Pedal Power and a Plow

8/16/2016 Scrounging - the Low-Budget DIY Hardware Store

9/7/2016 A Visit to Lubbock's Maker Space: ULabs

11/25/2016 Food-Is-Free Planter in 2016 (Pics!)

12/9/2017 Fossil Free Friday: 2 More DIY Oddball E-Bike options

1/14/17 Making a Complex Problem Simple as Dirt (Part 1)

1/21/17 Making a Complex Problem Simple as Dirt (Part 2)

1/28/17 Making a Complex Problem Simple as Dirt (Part 3)

2/2/17 A Cool Project Is Born: Lubbock Pedal-Power Water Pump

2/11/17 When a plan comes together: The Pedal-Powered Pump

2/28/17 Lubbock in a Garden: Pedal-Powered Water Pump - More Progress! (Part 3)

3/13/17 The Heart of Lubbock Community Garden Exercycle Water Pump Update

3/25/2017 Heart of Lubbock Community Garden Pedal-Powered Pump Update

6/8/2017 Simplification (Almost) Railroaded by DIY Electric Truck

9/8/2017 Fossil Free Friday: $500 Simple DIY Electric Bike Formula (Intro)

9/9/2017 Fossil Free Friday: $500 Simple DIY Electric Bike Formula (The bike)

9/15/2017 Fossil Free Friday: $500 Simple DIY Electric Bike Formula (The Electric Stuff and $ Total)

9/16/2017 Fossil Free Friday: $500 Simple DIY Electric Bike Formula (The non-sequitur apocrypha)

10/10/2017 No-Weld, DIY Longtail Cargo Bike Frames

[Updated 4/5/2017]

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