Lubbock on a Bike (LOB), Pedal Bikes, and Cargo Bikes


5/20/15 Shopping Cart Cargo Bike Follow-up (Instructables!!!!)

6/1/2015 LOB: May Wrap-up and Commuter Nirvana

6/30/2015 LOB: June Update and an Idea for the Baddest of Cyclists

7/8/2015 Gardening, Bicycling, Recycling, and Electric Cars - Keeping the Faith

7/18/2015 LOB: A Book, Articles, an NBC, and the BellaMonster Speaks

7/29/2015 Personal Carbon Reduction: The Mesquite Hugger Workout Plan

7/31/2015 LOB: July NBC Update and Alamogordo

8/2/2015 Early Sunday Ramblings

8/20/2015 Minipost: Bike Commuter Nirvana Ending - Act Now!

8/26/2015 Personal Carbon Reduction: Transportation Intro

9/4/2015 Friday Random: Bikes, a Bug, a Bimmer, and the Electric Hamster Cruises Austin

9/9/2015 Lubbock on a Bike: 3 Steps to Driving Bike-Friendly

11/10/2015 LOB: Winter Materialism

11/10/2015 Recycle: Carry More Stuff on a Bike

11/18/2015 A Spark in the Quest for a DIY Folding Bike

12/1/2015 Lubbock on a Bike, a double re-think and a blog recommendation

12/8/2015 A $149 Cargo Cycle? You Bet!

12/14/2015 Guns, Cars, Bikes - Sudden Death, a Proposal and a Prize

1/11/2016 Cargo Bikes and Dogs? Yes!

1/22/2016 Cargo Bikes Again? Going Low $

1/31/2016 Lubbock on a Bike - Why I Ride

2/4/2016 Protected Bike Lane Infographic - Ah, Lubbock Bike Geek Happiness

2/19/2016 LOB: A Tiny Personal Milestone Reached

2/23/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: Bridget Hauls Stuff

3/15/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: Shops, Bike Racks, and Feeling Welcome

3/31/2016 14 Random Pics, Updates, and a Mockingbird Serenade

4/2/2016 Haul Stuff on Bike: DIY Upcycled Panniers (saddlebags, y'all)

4/8/2016 Be a Squeaky Wheel, Lubbock! Fossil Free Friday Meets Lubbock on a Bike (Lane)

4/12/2016 DIY Instructables Project Daydreaming - Plus a Challenge to You

4/26/2016 Real Reasons to Ride a Bike; The Challenge Begins

4/27/2016 It's almost here - National Bike Challenge 2016

5/1/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: 2016 National Bike Challenge Begins

5/9/2016 Another Droolworthy Cargo Bike - the Benno (and Yuba news)

5/12/2016 Political Signs: Upcycling and Recycling

5/13/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: Bike to Work Week, Day, and Commuter Nirvana Returns

5/16/2016 700th Post, A Rough Start to Bike to Work Week, and Saving Water

5/19/2016 Forty Percent - Can You Do it?

5/20/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: National Ride to Work Day is here!


6/21/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: Bike Challenge Update and a Cheap Cargo Bike in Town

7/15/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Cargo Bike Dreaming (Again)

7/16/2016 Climate Change and Depression? Kick it in the Butt with Peer Pressure

7/29/2016 A Different Climate Change: Friday - Move

8/4/2016 Two American Success Stories and a Grocery Store Bike

8/11/2016 Xtra Xtra: Cargo Bikes on Texas Craigslist (Bike Dorks Only!)

8/12/2016 Fossil free Friday: Swapping Your Car for a Bike

9/24/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: National Bike Challenge 2016 Update

9/30/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: Ending a 5 Month Era

11/18/2016 Electric Cargo Bike Dream (Delayed in Dallas)

11/23/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: Last Commute 2016

11/30/2016 Low-Hanging Eco-Friendly Fruit 5: Getting Around (Plus Climate Change!)

12/9/2016 News from the Texas Capital: Cargo and Electric Bikes

12/17/2016 Cargo Bike Central: Two Bargains on Austin Craigslist

12/22/2016 Fully Charged Christmas, Sondors, E-BMX, and another ATX Cargo Bargain

12/31/2016 Sequel: Electric Cargo Bike Dream (Disappointed in Dallas)

1/11/2017 Lubbock on a Bike: Why I should have ridden today

1/20/2017 New Bike Lanes in Lubbock! (FFFriday Meets LoB)

1/22/2017 A Leaning Cargo Trike, A Confession, and a New (to me) Electric Bike

1/24/2017 Low-Carbon, Low $ Transport in the LBK

2/8/2017 A Midtail Cargo Bike Review I've Been Hoping For - Benno Boost

2/13/2017 E-Bike vs Pedal Bike: This time it's personal!

2/14/2017 Minipost: Lubbock (and all US) Bicyclists -  a Survey From People for Bikes

2/16/2017 Fossil Free Friday: A Cargo Bike Relapse

2/22/2017 For One Lucky Lubbock Business: Be More Bike Friendly for $45

2/25/2017 Saturday Random Junky Old Bike Post: Huff3 Rat

3/1/2017 New Crop of Austin Craigslist Cargo Bikes - Love ya, ATX Weirdness!

3/17/2017 Lubbock on a Bike: An electric bike and a 5-day commute

4/29/2017 Lubbock on a Bike: National Bike Challenge is Back!

5/11/2017 Is it really bike to work day in Lubbock?

5/26/2017 Fossil Free Friday - Cargo Bikes in the Media (WooHoo!)

5/27/2017 The Rise of the Simple Bike

6/3/2017 Distillation: How little do you need?

6/14/2017 So, what is your [BIKE]? (Not really a bike post)

7/6/2017 Fossil Free Friday: E-Bikes &Cargo Bike Updates Summer 2017

7/28/2017 Congratulations, your actions do matter! Plus Simple Green-ness!

8/4/2017 Fossil Free Friday: 6 Compact Cargo Bikes

8/12/2017 Rad Wagon or Euro Wagon? Another Saturday Ramble

10/2/2017 A Cargo Bike Bargain (or two) this Month

10/6/2017 Fossil Free Friday - (Shut up and) Pedal!

10/10/2017 No-Weld, DIY Longtail Cargo Bike Frames

10/21/2017 Saturday Morning Pedaling, Good Heartache, a great talk, & a skinny dog in a cargo bike

11/17/2017 Fossil Free Friday: Black Friday 2017 eBike and Cargo Bike Deals (so far)

11/21/2017 More 2017 Ebikes on Holiday Sale - RadPower (Minipost)

11/28/2017 Giving Tuesday 2017

12/1/2017 Fossil Free Friday Sunrise

3/21/2018 2Wheels Maybe: old guy on a bike: the butt-to-wrist slope

3/23/2018 2Wheels Maybe:

[Updated 7/26/2018]

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