PCR - Personal Carbon Reduction Posts

2/3/2015 The Carbon-Munching Garden

2/6/2015 Planning the Raised-Bed Garden Monster

2/10/2015 The 1st Food Is Free Planter IS Built!

2/12/2015 Another form of self-watering garden - cheap and easy!!! (ollas)

2/17/2015 A Brave and Trashy New World - Composting at Home

2/26/2015 There is a leek in the garden - reproducing itself!

3/12/2015 PCR: Our FoodIsFreeProject.org and the Noocity Version

3/17/2015 ¡Ollas! (Oi-uhs!) Oy vey! - PCR Garden Progress

3/31/2015 Olla Update: Blessed with free tomato plants!

5/21/2015 Vermicomposting and Finding Your Own Worms

6/15/2015 PCR Update: Ollas, Raised Bed, No Worms (Snagit!)

6/29/2015 PCR Olla Update: Tomatoes plus Pollinators equal Success!

7/8/2015 Gardening, Bicycling, Recycling, and Electric Cars - Keeping the Faith

7/16/2015 PCR: Lubbock Master Gardeners, a Garden Instructable, Random Stuff

7/26/2015 More Saturday Garden Stuff - Lubbock

7/29/2015 Personal Carbon Reduction: The Mesquite Hugger Workout  Plan

8/13/2015 Personal Carbon Reduction: Part 1 - The Why

8/19/2015 PCR Sidebar: Trashy Neighborhood Revisited

8/20/2015 Personal Carbon Reduction: Part 2 - The What

8/24/2015 Personal Carbon Reduction: Less Frantic Equals More Green

8/26/2015 Personal Carbon Reduction: Transportation Intro

9/17/15 (Not So) Personal Carbon Reduction: the Global Apollo Program

9/24/15 Carbon-Munching Garden: Lessons in Ollas, Self-Wicking, and Aquqaponics

10/8/2015 Becoming the Coolest Carbon Reductionist Around

10/9/2015 Regional Carbon Reduction: an Alien Sun (Roswell)

10/19/2015 My favorite infographic was made into a (short) movie! (Greenpeace)

10/21/2015 Climate Talk in Lubbock?!!! A nice welcome home! (Katharine Hayhoe & CCL)

10/25/2015 I met a climate hero! (Katharine Hayhoe)

11/3/2015 Looking Past the Potholes: Citizens Climate Lobby

12/31/2015 More Save the World Resolution Denial

1/5/2016 MH 2016 and a Big Old Smudge of Vanity

1/19/2016 Brainstorming the Greenhouse - Veggie Shower-O-Rama!

1/22/2016 How does your garden grow in a dome?

1/29/2016 Keeping it real(istic) - Mesquite Hugging Plan for Spring and Summer

2/2/2016 Lubbock - Here's your chance to help save humanity! (CCL)

2/19/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: A Tiny Personal Milestone Reached

2/20/2016 Be a Master of Foul, Fish, Flowers, and Veggies in Lubbock!

3/5/2016 Raised Bed Garden Ideas and a Bucket Instructable Preview

3/17/2016 A Little Green List for St. Pat's 2016

3/24/2016 Getting Ready for a Talk - Should I wear a cape?

3/30/2016 Lubbock Community Garden Party Animals and 10 Tips!

4/1/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Electric Cars Exist - Really!

4/5/2016 Mesquite Hugger Disclaimer 1: Electric Cars (and Bikes)

4/11/2016 Recycle Easy in Lubbock! (TTU Recycling in pics)

4/16/2016 When you gonna ______? (A live better sidestep)

4/19/2016 Earth Day Suggestions: #1 Burn some electrons!

4/20/2016 Earth Day Suggestions: #2 Get Down and Dirty

4/20/2016 Earth Day Suggestions: #3 Seek Greenspiration

4/21/2016 Earth Day Suggestions: #4 Tiny Neighborhood Cleanup

4/22/2016 Earth Day Suggestions: #4.6 Start with 1 BIG thing

4/21/2016 Minipost: Super Cheap LED Lights to the Rescue

4/26/2016 Real Reasons to Ride a Bike; The Challenge Begins

5/19/2016 Forty Percent - Can You Do it?

5/23/2016 Frankensteen Gardening: Re-Animating Veggie and Lumber Scraps

5/26/2016 I'm Digging this VermiCompost Idea (Literally and Pun Intended)

5/28/2016 Carbon Munching Garden Pics

6/22/2016 Recycling -  Dragging Lubbock out of the Dark Ages

7/16/2016 Climate Change and Depression? Kick it in the Butt with Peer Pressure

8/12/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Swapping Your Car for a Bike

8/15/2016 Climate Change Denial

10/19/2016 Low-Hanging, Eco-Helpful Fruit for Everyday Life (Intro)

10/20/2016 Low-hanging Fruit #1: Conserving Electricity at Home

10/21/2016 Low-hanging Fruit #2: Let there be (more efficient) Light!

10/26/2016 Low-hanging, Eco-friendly Fruit 3A: Just say no.

10/27/2016 Low-hanging, Eco-Friendly Fruit  3B: Bring Your Own!

10/31/2016 An Opportunity to Learn More and Get to Work

11/3/2016 Low-Hanging Eco-Friendly Fruit: Cheating with the Before the Flood Follow-up

11/7/2016 Low-Hanging Eco-Friendly Fruit 4A: Attack of the Killer Cows

11/9/2016 Going forward (post election)

11/10/2016 Awesome Lubbock Recycling Opportunity this Weekend (11-12-16)

11/14/2016 Low-Hanging Eco-Friendly Fruit 4B: Meatless Monday in Lubbock (Recommendations)

11/29/2016 Giving Tuesday Meets Carbon Reduction - Expand your reach!

11/30/2016 Shrink your footprint and Fight Hunger in the LBK this week

11/30/2016 Low-Hanging Eco-Friendly Fruit 5: Getting Around (Plus Climate Change!)

12/8/2017 Recent Texas Tech Grad on Years of Living Dangerously

12/14/2017 Significance

12/20/2017 Environmental Apathy

12/21/2017 Distracted by the Tools (plus thank you!)

1/4/2017 Mesquite Hugger 2017 Resolution Help

1/11/2017 Lubbock on a Bike: Why I should have ridden today

1/14/2017 Making a Complex Problem Simple as Dirt (Part 1)

1/20/2017 New Bike Lanes in Lubbock! (FFFriday Meets LoB)

1/20/2017 Making a Complex Problem Simple as Dirt (Part 2)

 1/24/2017 Low-Carbon, Low $ Transport in the LBK

2/9/2017 Looking for a Trashy Valentine in Lubbock? Texas Tech can help!

2/10/2017 Fossil Free Friday: It looks like "the man" has discovered our evil plot to save the world!

2/13/2017 E-Bike vs Pedal Bike: This time it's personal!

3/11/2017 It matters, Snagit! (Eco Role Model-ism)

3/17/2017 Lubbock on a Bike: An electric bike and a 5-day commute

6/3/2017 Distillation: How little do you need?

6/14/2017 So, what is your [BIKE]? (Not really a bike post)

7/28/2017 Congratulations, your actions do matter! Plus Simple Green-ness!

8/30/2017 Getting Older, Listening to Your Doctor, Climate Change, and Harvey

9/27/2017 For Green Simpletons (like me) - A Short List for Simple Sustainability

10/6/2017 Fossil Free Friday - (Shut up and) Pedal!

10/14/2017 Procrastinating a Starter

11/11/2017 Saturday Morning Ramble: Setting an Example

11/25/2017 Celebrating Black (Dog) Friday 2017

[Updated 12/15/2017]


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