Electric Bikes and Conversion Kits

8/5/2013 Electric Bicycle

10/17/2013 Solar-Powered e-bike

10/18/2013 A Very Simple E-Bike Conversion Kickstarter (Flykly)

12/3/2013 WOOHOO!!! It's real! E-Bike/Copenhagen Wheel

1/8/2014 But would you ride it? (an E-Bike question)

2/11/2014 Very cool electric cycle from humble beginnings

2/11/2014 A Self-Powered Pickup on Two Wheels

3/27/2014 Petroleum-Free Transport - So, you want to build an electric bike...

4/15/2014 A Quick Follow-up to Several Recent Posts

4/18/2014 Forget the Cargo Bike. Let's all get Bad Bikes!

5/31/2014 Lubbock Electric Bike for Sale

6/11/2014 Electric Transportation on Lubbock Craigslist Today

6/11/2014 A Beautiful Video about Building a Beautiful Electric Bike

6/23/2014 You Cheapos, Here Are the Electric Bikes for You!

7/1/2014 The Seriously Jonesing for a Simple E-Bike Blues

7/9/2014 Kickstarter Follow-up: The Daymak Beast (with a Flykly,Copenhagen Wheel Tie-In)

7/16/2014 The Elf, and Lubbock, would you ride a velomobile?

7/18/2014 E-Bike Infographic

8/13/2014 Epic Electric Bike Rides (Not me!)

8/22/2014 The Copenhagen Wheel vs. Flykly

10/17/2014 Electric Bikes, Gateway Drug, Moustaches, and a Kit on the Way

11/10/2014 Two-Wheeler Articles from One of My Favorite Blogs

11/17/2014 An E-Bike for Your Commute, A Little Spoken-Word Poetry for You

11/19/2014 Two More Copenhagen Wheel and Flykly Competitors: Daymak DDS and GeoOrbital

11/20/2015 Lubbock Electric Bike for Sale (and a photo of mine)

12/2/2014 Copenhagen Wheel Update, Plus Fun with Captioning

12/19/2014 Copenhagen Wheel, Flykly, Daymak, GeoOrbital - Add the Evelo Omni to the List

1/8/2015 Flykly wins the race - at least to shipping

2/2/2015 Fat-Tired E-Bike on the Cheap? Hmmm...

2/5/2015 Razor Ecosmart Scooter vs. the Storm E-bike

2/24/2015 A Tale of Two E-bikes and an 80's Movie

4/6/2015 Solar-Powered Bicycle

4/10/2015 Electric Transport Minipost: Bike and Car Links

5/21/2015 Kickstarter for yet another Copenhagen Wheel competitor

6/3/2015 Copenhagen vs. Flykly Follow-up (Sort of) and my e-bike

6/4/2015 The (Daymak) Beast has escaped!

6/12/2015 Looking for an e-bike in Lubbock? A few options just popped up

6/17/2015 Electric Bike Chices: Genze, Faraday, and now Vela

7/1/2015 The Project Itch List - Green Brain Dreaming (Maxwell e-bike)

8/27/2015 The De-Flopillator and a Cool Electric Cargobike (Radwagon)

9/9/2015 Longtail Cargo Bike Dreaming, Austin Craigslist Style

9/15/2015 National Drive (Ride) Electric Week: A Moustache on an E-bike and some MH faves

10/31/2015 Good News Everyone: Flykly, Copenhagen Wheel, and Fido

1/23/2016 Another Look at Daymak Electric Bikes and Scooters and Such

2/8/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: Electric Bridget Lives!

2/19/2016 Bridget Stone's Diarygram - DIY Electric Bike Update

2/23/2016 Lubbock on a Bike: Bridget Hauls Stuff

2/26/2016 Friday electric bike bargain - Evelo Omni Wheel!

3/11/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Electric Bike Overview

3/21/2016 Where are they now? The GeoOrbital (Powered Bike) Wheel

3/25/2016 Fossil Free Friday: Powered Wheels (for bikes) Overview

4/6/2016 Vanmoof: Another Gorgeous (and attainable) Electric Bike

5/6/2016 Daymak Beast vs. the Rad Power RadMini

6/17/2016 Fossil Free Friday: When mini isn't mini  - the Super 73

7/13/2016 An E-Bike Success Story - Me

8/23/2016 Three Low-Cost Electric Roadster Bikes

8/25/2016 Three MORE Low-Cost Electric Roadster-ish Bikes

8/27/2016 Radwagon Reviews

9/16/2016 National Drive Electric Week: 2 Skinny Wheels - Thinking Smaller

10/22/2016 The Huff-E-Rat Lives: My Latest E-Bike Incarnation

10/26/16 Today's Low-Carbon Ride to Work and Another Trip to Scotland on a Bike

11/1/16 Even Lower-Priced Electric Bikes (under $1000)

11/4/2016 Fossil Free Friday: A few new(ish) Electric Bikes

11/7/2016 A New E-bike on its way to Lubbock: the Adventure begins!

11/7/2016 Super Mini-Post: Ariel Rider Electric Bikes on Sale

11/14/2016 Electric Bike Discount Season Has Begun! (Minipost)

11/18/2016 Electric (and Cargo) Bike Discount Season Heats Up! (Minipost)

11/18/2016 Electric Cargo Bike Dream (Delayed in Dallas)

11/23/2016 More Holiday Cargo and E-Bike Deals (Minipost - 2/3 less calories)

11/28/2016 Cyber Monday Bike and E-Bike Deals (Minipost)

12/1/2016 Follow-up on the Big Electric MiniBike

12/2/2016 Fossil-Free Friday: Bargain Electric BMX? Woohoo!

12/9/2016 News from the Texas Capital: Cargo and Electric Bikes

12/9/2016 Fossil Free Friday: 2 More DIY Oddball E-Bike options

12/22/2016 Fully Charged Christmas, Sondors, E-BMX, and another ATX Cargo Bargain

12/31/2016 Sequel: Electric Cargo Bike Dream (Disappointed in Dallas)

1/5/2017 Two Sondors Electric Bikes Unboxed and Rolling in Lubbock

1/13/2017 Fossil free Friday the 13th: A $1300 E-Bike Cruiser (Juiced)

1/17/2017 E-Bikes Under $1000: Add Populo to the List

1/22/2017 A Leaning Cargo Trike, A Confession, and a New (to me) Electric Bike

1/24/2017 Low-Carbon, Low $ Transport in the LBK

1/26/2017 Fossil Free Friday E-Bike: A Tiny Puerto Rican Vacation and Some Free Shipping

1/30/2017 Electric Bike Buying (and Building) Advice

2/7/2017 Electric Bike News: What's up over at Juiced Bikes?

2/8/2017 A Midtail Cargo Bike Review I've Been Hoping For - Benno Boost

2/10/2017 Fossil Free Friday: It looks like "the man" has discovered our evil plot to save the world!

2/13/2017 E-Bike vs Pedal Bike: This time it's personal!

2/16/2017 Fossil Free Friday: A Cargo Bike Relapse

2/24/2017 You can't be too cheap or too skinny? Two $800 (shipped!) commuter e-bikes

3/17/2017 Lubbock on a Bike: An electric bike and a 5-day commute

3/18/2017 Fossil Free (Almost) Friday: Back to the Big Electric Mini Bikes

5/5/2017 Fossil Free Friday - A Sondors Bike that Folds (and a RadMini)

6/12/2017 What Sondors has been up to (Electric Bikes)

7/6/2017 Fossil Free Friday: E-Bikes &Cargo Bike Updates Summer 2017

7/13/2017 The Big, Low $ Minibike Returns - Super 73 Scout

7/26/2017 Electric Euro Cycles We Can't Have #3: OtoCycle

7/26/2017 Mesquite Hugger Mini-Post - Craigslist E-Bike Ad

8/12/2017 Rad Wagon or Euro Wagon? Another Saturday Ramble

8/18/2017 Fossil Free Friday - Cheap(er) Electric Vehicles on Lubbock Craigslist today

 9/8/2017 Fossil Free Friday: $500 Simple DIY Electric Bike Formula (Intro)

9/9/2017 Fossil Free Friday: $500 Simple DIY Electric Bike Formula (The bike)

9/12/2017 DIY E-Bike Placeholder: A re-Run and a Propella

9/15/2017 $500 Simple DIY Electric Bike Formula (The Electric Stuff and $ Total)

9/16/2017 Fossil Free Friday: $500 Simple DIY Electric Bike Formula (The non-sequitur apocrypha)

11/17/2017 Fossil Free Friday: Black Friday 2017 eBike and Cargo Bike Deals (so far)

11/21/2017 More 2017 Ebikes on Holiday Sale - RadPower (Minipost)

11/22/2017 Even More 2017 Ebikes (Kits) on Holiday Sale - Copenhagen Wheel and E-BikeKit

11/27/2017 Cyber Monday 2017 Ebikes and Kits - Last Chance and Latecomers

4/7/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: The Latest e-Bike Project - the Electron-Klunker

4/15/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: No - not an ad for the Swytch or the Tote'm Electric Bikes

5/26/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: Another Juicy Electric Maxi-Mini-Bike (and another Super 73)

6/22/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: The Electric Klunker Finally Lives

 6/23/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: Old Meets New at Electric Avenue - Austin, TX

 7/8/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: Misadventures in being too cheap: E-Klunker Update

7/10/2018 Two Wheels Maybe: An E-Bike Bargain and a BEAU-tiful Boat - Both with Pedelec!

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