Friday, May 6, 2016

Fossil Free Friday: Daymak Beast vs. the Rad Power RadMini

The Battle of the e-bike cattle!

For a while there, the Daymak Beast had the market cornered on oddball off-road e-bikes. (I love oddballs, underdogs, dark horses, and all their ilk.)

But a few weeks ago, Rad Power Bikes announced their new model, the RadMini.

Yep, they both have their individual oddballity going on, but they have a lot of similarities too.
The RadMini retains a lot of bicycleishness. The Beast is more off-road scooter with pedals. The Beast has fat scooter tires. The RadMini has fat bicycle tires. They both have some cargo-hauling ability. Both are going to elicit lots of What the !@#$% is that thing? questions. For me though, the question is If I were in the market for an oddball off-road e-bike, which would I choose?

So, let's check them out for price, practicality, capability, daily livability, and oddball fun factor.

A few basic stats:
$1499 (+$175 shipping in US)

Lots of options on the Beast, but the base model is $800 higher than the RadMini

So, a few big points for comparison
  • The RadMini has the most powerful motor - 750W vs 500W
  • The RadMini is less expensive (by at least $800)
  • The Beast has a higher voltage battery pack (with a solar charger)
  • The Beast has a larger carrying capacity by 75 lbs (350lbs vs 275lbs)

My favorite part of the Beast - 60V solar self-charged battery pack with USB ports
My favorite part of the RadMini - it gets tiny for travel

This two-wheeled tractor is a Beast!
When it comes down to it, the real question is what do you want to use it for? I would pick the RadMini for urban life. Being relatively light weight and foldable, Rad Power's machine would be more maneuverable, easier to lock up, and easier to store. If you are looking for a bicycle plus benefits, the RadMini is your machine.
If you live in the sticks, the Beast looks very useful (and a lot of fun.) Part tractor and part minibike, it's a more substantial machine for backwoods adventuring and heavier yard work. But you are definitely not going to throw it in your trunk and its big-boy scooter looks might draw more attention from law enforcement that may not know quite what niche to put it in.
As for me, I'm cheap and I live in town. I'd definitely lean toward the Radmini.
(But I'd still rather have a Radwagon.)
May your choice fit your needs and your life, and may it help us all to kick this ugly petroleum habit.