Friday, December 9, 2016

News from the Texas Capital: Cargo and Electric Bikes

Austin Bike Farm Website (Lots of cool stuff!)

Recently I wrote about seeing a Yuba Mundo in person in Dallas. I didn't get to sit on it or ride it, but it was quite huge, like really big, like it-might-need-its-own-zip-code type of massive. And that's had me (possibly) looking a little smaller -  that means midtail cargo bikes. My Top 3 on midtails: the Kinn, the Yuba Boda Boda V3, and then there's the exotic Benno Bike. But the only one of those available somewhat locally is the Yuba. Or at least, it was.

A Very Cool Mid-Tail Cargo Bike (Available in Austin)

Very cool bike, but that $4000 price tag definitely scared me away initially

Then I found pricing on the non-motorized version and started looking again.

But then there's the $999 Yuba Mundo V4 and the electrified RadWagon for $1599 plus shipping.

$200 Cheaper on Craigslist! (It's a good thing I've spent all my money on Christmas presents!)

Indeed, it's good to have choices!

An Electric Bike Shop (also in Austin)

While I was poking around the ol' internet looking at the Benno Bikes, I also ran across Rocket Electrics. It's a place that sells mid-to-high-end electric bikes: Easy Motion, Faraday, Felt Electric, Juiced Riders, and Pedego. Some are names that you may have seen here on Mesquite Hugger, especially Juiced Riders

They offer lots of cool bikes. They even rent electric bikes. If you find yourself in Austin, you can rent one and zip around the Zilker Park area. Not a bad way to find out if you want an electric bike or what you want in an electric bike.

Yep, Free Delivery in our very big state - that's quite a bonus
for us Texans out here in the sticks.

So, if you live in New Mexico/Louisiana/Oklahoma, this is not such a big deal, but if you live in my neck of the woods, free delivery and setup in Texas is a pretty big deal (for a mesquite hugger who lives almost seven hours away from their shop.) Texas is a mighty big place!

The next time I'm in Austin, you know two places I'll be stopping by. (Let's hope it goes better than my trip to Small Planet E-bikes in Dallas.)

May you find yourself in a place where green transportation is easily accessible and readily available.

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