Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Upcycling, er, um, Augustructables!

I am a big fan of most things "cycling". Bicycling, motorcycling, recycling, and the list would go on if I could think of some more. I really like upcycling. If you can show me how to take a discarded piece of garbage and resurrect it into something functional, beautiful, or both, you have absolutely made my day and you have started the wheels of my brain doing burnouts and donuts and wheelies.

My list of favorites:
pallet-wood furniture
shipping container houses
grain silo houses
treadmills upcycled into wind generators
plastic barrels upcycled into lots of different things (vertical wind turbines, canoes, aguaponics equipment, rain barrels, composters, beehives, etc.)
old skateboards or bicycles upcycled into anything
glass bottles as building material

And the bad list:
toilets turned into planters

If you, too, are a fan of upcycling, then check out my favorite website,
Instructables is a place where lots of people share their ideas for upcycling, repairing, and upgrading.

My challenge for you, dear reader, is to find an Instructables project and tackle it in the month of August. We'll call it Augustructables! When you do, please share it by posting it in the comments.

Happy upcycling!