Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Midtail Cargo Bike Review I've Been Hoping For - Benno Boost

[Yes, I know, I recently said I would stop actively seeking a cargo bike, but that does not mean I've completely quit paying attention to those lovely beasts.]

If you have followed my cargo bike obsession, you know that I've been leaning toward mid-tail cargo bikes rather than the long-tail models after sitting on a Yuba Mundo - it was like sitting on a train; a really long train!

So, I've found myself very Benno-curious and (Yuba Boda Boda V3 curious too).

I was pretty excited last night to stumble upon a video review of the Benno Boost on Electric Bike Review.

[Financial reality check: Yes, I know that a $4,000 cargo bike is way out of my league, but the non-electric version, the $1300 Benno Carry-On, is almost within my financial grasp.]

I can sure see this thing as a bike that would fit a lot of needs without being too extreme to make it a good daily commuter. How about you? What are your thought on the Benno?
If you're in Lubbock and want to check one out, just hop on over to Austin, Houston, or Santa Fe to visit your nearest dealer.
May we find some way to quit supporting the companies so powerfully bent on killing us all for profit. (Hi, Rex, TransCanada, and Energy Transfer Partners!)