Monday, October 7, 2013

Fuel Mileage - More Better Math

I read this article today and now find myself very intrigued by the More Better idea. The 10mpg to 20mpg switch is more better than a 33mpg to 50mpg switch.

A little fuel mileage knowledge...

From the Article:
(2) Improving a low number saves more gas (and money) than improving a high number.
It saves way more gas money to improve a car from 10 to 20 miles per gallon than it does to go from 33 to 50 mpg. (Here's the math.)
But most Americans surveyed think the opposite is true; they get gas mileage exactly backwards.
While a 50-mpg Toyota Prius hybrid will give you great bragging rights, if you move up from a 33-mpg compact car, you're only saving 1 gallon every 100 miles.
If you can replace your old 10-mpg truck with a new 20-mpg pickup, you'll save 10 gallons every 100 miles. You do the math on that one

Of course, going from 10mpg-50mpg would be even better; however, if you are looking to upgrade and you're waiting until that even better mpg vehicle becomes available, maybe it's time to double-check your math.

May you have a more better day and a pleasanter tomorrow!