Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Back on the Bike - and Seeking Motivation

(From the bike link below)

I talked myself out of it last night.

I checked the weather out and reinforced the idea this morning. 30% chance of rain at 5pm when I ride home this evening with fairly high winds.

Then I thought about the next few days and that there will be little if any chance to ride until next week. I thought about the fuel I'd burn instead of the fat I'd burn. I thought of the very expensive car repair this week. And I thought about the National Bike Challenge.

I pulled the bike out of the garage and headed to work.

It was windy. My average speed to work was 1.5 mph lower than my average and the 5 mile ride took 8 minutes longer than normal. The old hyperactive brain stayed mostly focused on the ride. And I am really glad I rode!

If you are seeking motivation to keep moving (like I have been), I hope these two links help:

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May you find motivation and make something positive happen!