Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Did I mention that I love infographics?

Some days it's a tough love affair. Take for instance yesterday. I ran across an infographic on plastic...

The keyboard upon which I type this is mostly plastic. As I glance around my desk, I notice that almost everything on the desk has a plastic component. Indeed, the desk itself has a significant amount of plastic. The stuff is everywhere.
So, if I am indeed average, I will throw away 75 tons of plastic over my lifetime. And I am middle-aged, so I have already thrown 33 tons away.

I walk a fair amount. Some days I carry a bag when I walk. The trash on the street is almost always recyclable. Paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic. Plastic is by far the most common trash I find - drink bottles.
Lots of drink bottles - Americans use 60 Billion per day.
So, how about that bag I carry?
It is truly staggering when you sit back and realize how many of us there are and how much each of us consumes.
[More tomorrow.]
May your day be filled with hope and may your actions reinforce that feeling.