Thursday, December 19, 2013

Texas Wildlife - Sandhill Cranes

My mother lives on what is left of a lake 110 miles south of Lubbock. As is the case with most bodies of water in West Texas these days, there is almost no water in the lake. And that is mostly a terrible thing. But there has been a few distinct advantages for some wildlife. Since the water is shallow, the mud is deep, and the vegetation is thick, people no longer flock to the lake. But the birds do.

And my favorite birds there this time of year are the sandhill cranes. When I visit there, I am enthralled by these elegant and vocal giants. I usually sneak away for fifteen minutes or so to sit in a secluded place to watch and listen to them. I never feel more human or any closer to God than I do when I am in the presence of such natural beauty.

Then, being a stupid human, I usually pull out the phone to take a picture. A picture that ends up looking like a mudhole with gray dots.

On this morning, there is an article that features some great Jaymi Heimbuch photos of sandhill cranes. Enjoy!

Treehugger Sandhill Cranes

May you be fortunate enough to be enthralled by the world around you today!

Special bonus link:

The International Crane Foundation - Sandhill Page