Monday, January 6, 2014

A Quick Trip to Austin - Part 1(The Mesquite Hugger 100th Post!)

Grizz and I made a short trip to Austin Friday-Saturday, so I feel compelled to keep you informed of the green-ness we encountered.

Electric car count:
1 blue Nissan Leaf
6 Chevy Volts in Austin
4 Chevy Volts out on the road
3 Tesla Model S in Austin (Poor Grizz had to endure a lot of my dorky enthusiasm)
Several Ford CMAXes, but I never get close enough to see if they are the plug-in models.

Electric Scooter News:
We visited Electric Avenue Scooters (off of North Lamar). I could not be near a shop that sells nothing but electric vehicles and not stop by. We met the owners and I had the opportunity to test ride a lightly used Vectrix VX-2 scooter - and fell in love just a little bit.

The VX-2 costs less than $3000 new, this one was priced at a negotiable $2100 and still had roughly 18 months of warranty left. And it was fun! It was quick, it handled well, and the regen braking (which recharges the battery pack while braking) was great fun! Yes, I fell in love a lot, but my overcrowded garage and undercrowded bank account made it a bad idea to bring it home. If you, however, are looking for phenomenally cheap, fun, and Mesquite Hugger friendly transportation, you could do a lot worse! (Go buy a scooter!)

They also have some electric scooters with close to a 100 mile range (!!!!). My little Vectrix was only rated at 45-55 miles. If you stop in, please tell them that the Mesquite Hugger sent you. It's a great shop and they are definitely living one of my dreams.

Oh, and by the way, this is the Mesquite Hugger 100th post.
I kept thinking I would do a big extravaganza for this milestone, but this ain't no extravaganza, it's a blog. I hope you enjoy and learn a few things. I sure enjoy researching and posting here.

May you reach a milestone soon, and may it be an enjoyable one! (Thank you for reading!!!!)

Bonus link for the day:
Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant