Monday, February 17, 2014

You still have a few months... (Lots of important Dates for May 2014)

(I'd bike to work on this!) get your bike (and your legs) ready for the 2014 National Bike to Work Week (May 12-16) and the National Bike to Work Day (May 16).

Bike League - Bike to Work Dates

Open a Used Bike Shop

An Old Mesquite Hugger article encouraging you (Dear Reader) to open a used bike shop in Lubbock

Power Wheels Racing in Lubbock May 10-11

And while we are throwing May dates out there, be sure to mark your calendars for May 9 for the Lubbock County American Cancer Society Relay for Life. (FYI, this is not a running event - it is a walking, supporting, socializing, celebrating, and kicking cancer's butt event.)
2014 Lubbock County Relay for Life