Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Quick Followup to Several Recent Posts

A Day Without Waste

For the day:
a q-tip
a small saline packet
two three small lids from one ounce container (the containers were recyclable)
a square of wax paper
4 receipts
Then I went home and blew it all by working at cleaning out the garage. I feel like the owl from the old Tootsie Roll Pop commercials.


The system is rocking along. The bell pepper plant's health is improving. The wheat grass is skyrocketing. The basil is sprouting and looking good. The spinach seeds have done nothing. The fish and water quality are great.

The Aquaponics Instructable

WOW!!! In creating it, I hoped that Keith, Swartz, Fester, Leyva, and Toni would read it. Creating an Instructable was a mountain I had hoped to someday climb. In five days, 2200 people have checked it out and 120 have added it to their "Favorite" list. Yesterday, it was added to the "Featured" section of Instructables! Wow! I am amazed and very thankful!

The electric bicycle (and battery pack)

Installed the new fork with upgraded brakes - stopping is a wonderful thing. The battery is now housed in a small toolbox which has a nice little meter for volts/amps/watts and a pug-in for the charger. Now I just need to create a way to anchor the box to the built-in basket. I need to do the math, but I think missed my goal of staying under $200. My biggest mistake was choosing to build a vintage bike that needed a full restoration and had no provisions for good brakes. Had I chosen a more modern used but good-conditioned bike from Craigslist I would have been closer to the goal and would have been on the road much sooner.

Rain Barrel Workshop
I admit it - I cheaped out. Instead, Keith, the Swartz, and I had our own little rain barrel workshop and built three (rough-looking) barrels for less than $50. Now, if we could just get some rain...

The Arts Festival
It rocked! We spent more than $50 there...

May your followups be rewarding!