Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Electric Transportation on Lubbock Craigslist Today 6-11-14

Over coffee this morning, Grizz mentioned a Wheego Whip for sale on Craigslist. Very cool little car. I haven't watched the resale values on the Wheegos, but after very little research, this one looks like a pretty good deal, especially considering that it is here in town and will not require shipping. It's strictly an around-town vehicle, but it should be cheap, reliable, and fun. Hmm.

The other two are electric bicycles. The Currie is very much an entry level electric, and the price is very high for used. I think you could buy the same bike new for less.

The EVGlobal is iffy on the market price, but it looks like a very solid deal for someone who wants a nicer (but dated) electric bike at a low price of entry.

May you come to know the joy of traveling on electrons!

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