Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lubbock, I Heart Photos, or something touristy like that

So, I showed up at the Yellowhouse this morning and found a little display with (what I thought were) postcards with big hearts on them. I am, by the way, a reading addict. If there is printed material in my vicinity, I compulsively have to read it. I have read every word on every breakfast cereal box ever placed in front of me. And I really like postcards. So I had to check them out.

The postcard in question

 After three days of blowing dirt and brown skies, I have been struggling to think of Lubbock as a desirable place to be, but the first thing I read on the card was this: Lubbock ranks as the 7th most popular destination in Texas. Hmm. I started making my list, and Lubbock was far from 7, but I don't really count. I can't really see home as a destination when I am home already. Hmm.
Yesterday's version

Nevertheless, I do often encourage others to seek beauty where they are, and the LIVELOVELUBBOCK.ORG campaign is working to do that same thing here in town. So, I encourage you to stop by YellowHouse Coffee on 34th (Tell them the Mesquite Hugger sent you and that he's a big fan of their Cafe Americano.) and pick up your own card to use as a frame for photos of your favorite parts of our sometimes fair city.

A flower/weed that is growing in my front yard

Ironically, you can use the photos you take to help you win a free ticket to get you the heck out of Lubbock on a big ole jetliner. Hmm.

Here's the youtube video that explains the process: LIVELOVELUBBOCK (The video features the very display where I picked up the card.)

May you find beauty where you are!

Bonus link for today: for those of you who want to see a darker (but interesting) series of local photos, here is a blog I follow: