Monday, April 14, 2014

Lubbock - The Local Paper

I am very proud of the local paper lately. If you have been following the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal lately, you may be getting flooded with articles about our ongoing drought, its devastation, and the importance of conservation. Everyone else around here is trying to figure out how to keep their yard green and what ornamentals to plant, but the AJ has been running a series called Tapped: Our Precious Water. The articles have, for the most part, not been sensationalist and slanted or vindictive, (Consider that, Mr. J.) but they have focused on the bleakness of the situation and the need for us to band together as a region and work for the common good.

If you have been following the series and are looking for ways to decrease your own household consumption, check out this video from Water Use It Wisely. (Just ignore the parts where they keep mentioning Arizona.)

May you have plenty.