Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lubbock Power Wheels Racing Update and a Smidgen of Michael Martin Murphy

Since we decided to have a Power Wheels Race (for us big kids) life in my family has gone stark raving mad!

  • A house burned down
  • A roof blew off
  • Someone tried to make the garage a drive-through
  • lots of drought
  • lots of rain
  • a rain barrel workday
  • the truck and fence were spray-painted
  • work has been crazy
  • four different hospital visits
  • phenomenal woman #2 graduated and had two parties
  • some little guy started running away from home
  • our race organizer was evicted by the man
  • the electric motorcycle broke down (again)
  • we went to a scooter rally
  • a neighborhood cleanup
  • a few of us have gone off the deep end once or twice
  • mother's day
  • Easter
  • and then there's the really bady stuff I keep trying to block out.

Another clip for my wife - this one from one of my favorite movies: Bubble Boy. (The ice cream truck kharma scene would not play - Snagit!)

All that is to say that there has been very little progress on the Power Wheels racers. We did figure out the power delivery set up and reinforcement for Swartzy's Barbie Jeep of Doom and Keith was gracious enough to weld up the frame for Toni's Vixen Viper. But, it has gone very slowly.

Today on Instructables - I love Instructables! - I ran across an Instructable for building a very sweet evil Power Wheels Jeep.

May the wheels on the pw go round and round soon, Snagit!