Thursday, June 5, 2014

For you neglected tiny house fanatics: Enjoy!!!

One piece of advice I have passed on to a number of newlyweds over the years is the importance of two words in their search for domestic bliss: separate bathrooms. (I love you, Brown-Eyed Girl!) If you have ever wondered how tiny houses and coupledom work, this Grist article may shed a tiny little solar-powered light for you:  Building a Tiny House with your Boo!

If you spend all of your spare time snapping puzzle pieces together and plotting your next Lego village, then maybe it is time for you to build a tiny house using a CNC - the Foundhouse. I found this article on Treehugger.

And for those of you who have been jonesing for me to post more tiny houses, here is a site where your tiny house dreams can run free: Tiny House Talk.

May your tiny house dreams live large!

Where is Buckminster Fuller when we need him most?