Tuesday, June 3, 2014

National Bike Challenge Update: I am in 3rd place!!!!!

Back on May 1, I announced here that I had joined the National Bike Challenge. So I thought I'd throw out an update. First, I am still alive! And my rankings seem pretty darned impressive: I rank 189th in the state of Texas and I am ranked #3 in Lubbock! At one point I was ranked 3 and 4, but a very nice website administrator helped me straighten that one out. (I am #15,522 in the nation.)

When you don't know the whole story, numbers can be very impressive. This little graphic will illustrate a little more realistic view:

Yep, there are only three of us in town. And the other two have contributed 94% of the local miles.

Even so, I am very happy with my contribution. ([es, Dear, I am becoming the Sue Heck (Check out 3:40 to the end) of the bicycle world.]

First, every day that I do not drive a gasoline-powered vehicle, I believe the world and its inhabitants are all healthier. And there is one less reason for BP to be drilling in the Gulf again. (Have I mentioned that !@#$% BP is drilling in the Gulf again?)

Second, I just had a 30-minute workout on a bike in which I have invested less than $10. (Awesome garage sale find!) I burned roughly 400 calories getting to work and I just had a 200 calorie breakfast. The math is definitely working out for better health for this overweight 45-year-old. (Provided that I do not have a run-in with an Escalade or an F250.)

Snagit, it feels good to be a mesquite-hugging dork today!

May it feel good to be you today as well!

PS - there is still plenty of time to join the National Bike Challenge! Here is your chance to take me down a notch or two and make the world a better place!