Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lubbock Electric Bike for Sale (Not Mine)

An interesting electric bike showed up on the Lubbock Craigslist this week. It's an EVGlobal ebike, often known as the Lee Iaccoca bike. And this one looks really clean. For $400 it is probably a good deal since a comparable ebike kit (minus bicycle) would would cost you at least that much. The EVGlobal bikes were cutting edge several years ago, but theses days the performance and features are pretty middle of the road. I believe they could be had as a 24 volt or a 36 volt in some of the later models. The Heinzman motors in them are known to be very high quality and a little noisy. You won't sneak up on as many cats or pedestrians on this bike, but that may be a very good thing. The motor in my old black Huffy came from an EVGlobal bike.

The bike in the CL ad

The Mesquite Hugger DIY Huffy with a Heinzman motor

If you want to learn more about these bikes, here is a link where you can find owners showing theirs off. One mentions having 15,000 miles on one.

I would love to have it, but the garage runneth over and the bank account runneth dry.

May it serve the next owner well!