Monday, November 17, 2014

An E-Bike for Your Commute, A Little Spoken Word Poetry for You

Okay, it's not every day that I run across spoken-word poetry while researching e-bikes, but today is one of those days. An Electric Bike Report post today re-introduced me to the Riide urban commuter e-bike. The bike is a simple and elegant 350-watt e-bike that was successfully Kickstarted in February of this year. I remember checking it out and liking the idea a great deal. And I remember being impressed at its price-point - low to mid-range for the category ($1799). And I am very impressed at its light weight - only 35 pounds. What I do not remember, though. is the Kickstarter video that starts with some enjoyable spoken word by Jamaal May.
A still from the Kickstarter video

And, in case you want a little more bike poetry, here is a Jimmy RoadRash blog post with a poster and a little Pablo Neruda for your reading pleasure: Bicycle Poems or Spoke and Word
[May the life that you are living be] way too wide
to fit inside of a corner office. (with apologies to Jamaal May)