Friday, November 14, 2014

Lubbock Culture: Flatland Film Festival

As per usual with this blog, this is a bit late in the delivery...

Lots of cool things happen around the LHUCA, but my favorite annual event there is the Flatland Film Festival. This year's festival caught me off guard. With anniversaries and elections and lots of other stuff going on, it slipped my mind to get the word out. So, here it is half over, but there is still a lot to see.

A blue heron from Yakona, a visual journey through the history of the San Marcos River - this film looks amazing!

Tonight: 6pm Yakona, 8pm Madly (Taylor Shofner screenlay reading), and 12am Why Don't You Play in Hell? There will be three short films between Yakona and Madly)

Saturday Night: 7pm Que Caramba es la Vida, Closing Reception 9:30

May you go and have a wonderful time!

PS. Be sure to check the official site linked above - a few local media sources have the wrong times posted.