Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Electric Bike Choices: Genze, Faraday, and now Vela

A little while back, I wrote a post comparing two very appealing e-bikes, the Faraday Porteur and the Genze e-bike. The general gist was that they are both very cool but the Faraday was cooler; however, the Genze cost less than half as much and (arguably) had more features. So the Genze would be my choice if it weren't for the fact that they both are underpowered for an 1/8 tonner like me.

If you read that article, you have now probably re-watched Some Kind of Wonderful and have thought to yourself, If the Faraday were just cheaper and more powerful...

[Let me be careful here. The Faraday is as much a work of art as it is an e-bike, and as such it has nice components and nicer fit and finish than a lot of bikes out there. At least I would think so - I have never seen one in person.]

 Out in the ether yesterday (, a competitor for the Faraday popped up, and it's very intriguing, and it's less expensive than a Genze, and it has a more powerful motor than the other two. And it has a touch of Brazilian sexiness to it. And it comes in three sizes, men's and women's models, and four colors. I still think the Faraday is a better looking bike, but this one is no slouch in the looks department. It's called the Vela.

A few stats for you:
350 watt motor
20 mile range
20 miles per hour
42 pounds
removable battery
pedal assist (no throttle)
remote control alarm
GPS tracking
You can buy one for somewhere between $800 and $1400

Is it the bike for you? I'd sure ride it, but yesterday I admitted to the world that I'd happily be seen in a Citicar. So you might take my aesthetic opinion with a grain of salt.

May form and function come together in your green choices.