Sunday, August 2, 2015

Early Sunday Ramblings

It started early this morning. About 5 o'clock, the overactive brain kicked in. It's been a rough season. Most everyone around me is going through a difficult time. Many are grieving and feeling lost. There are times it's easy to lie in bed and worry. I did that for an hour.

An hour was enough. I hopped up, dressed, and went for a 4-mile ride. I pointed the bike toward Clapp Park - my favorite spot in town.

I intended to ride past the park, but it's been too long since I stopped. I rode down the drainage ditch to my favorite spot. I am glad I did. Mallards, cattle egrets, green herons, they were present in numbers larger than normal. The water is receding quickly. Lots of fish and tadpoles were visible in the early dawn light.

Cattle egrets in the pre-dawn

Green herons flying over

I stood there and soaked it all in, thankful to be there and then. (I was much less thankful for the mosquitoes who were also thankful that I was there and then.)

It's been a violent season in Lubbock. Even the park's new graffiti reflects it.

The mosquitoes shortened the visit, but I was there long enough to recharge. Even in the midst of our busy town, there is peace and beauty to be found if you choose to look for it. I need to remember this the next time I lie in bed worrying. 

The local elementary is quoting Ghandi.

I rode home feeling better, more ready to face the world. Maybe even strong enough to be the change I wish to see in the world. Definitely enough to push into the next week with a few days of optimism in the reserve.

May you find a way and a place to recharge, and may we all work to preserve those places. (Thanks for coming along on the ride.)