Friday, July 31, 2015

Lubbock on a Bike: July NBC Update and Alamogordo

Red means rode!
Better than June, not as impressive as May. I did not ride the bike that much in July. By the time I get home today, I should be just a little shy of 40 miles for the month. Excuses, I have a few. First, it was really hot. (I rode the electric bike on several of the hot days - but those miles don't count in the National Bike Challenge.) I also spent the better part of the week working in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
MH wandering brain sidebar:
Man, I was jonesing for a bike to explore Alamogordo; all those hills, curves, bike lanes, and solar panels... Alámo gordo means "fat cottonwood" in Spanish. If I were a town in New Mexico, I would call myself Abrazador Gordo de Mezqite. I think it would work because they have places with names like Truth or Consequences and they have a lot of cactus huggers out there. I'd fit right in.

A rocket and a rainbow!

See the reclining woman?

See the solar panels!
Back to my flat town:
After my mid-month bicycle hiatus I logged back into the NBC expecting to see that I had tumbled down in the Lubbock rankings, but there I was still in the top three with Ms. Wilde and Ms. Wilcox. (I have never met either of them, but I do appreciate the competitive camaraderie!) Apparently everybody else found the sun to be a bit much.
I did get an email telling me that I am in an NBC drawing for a New Belgium cruiser - I'd love to win one...

...but I'd probably be better off winning one of the other glamorous prizes:

They are Tube-Free!
May you know the earth-saving, health-improving, budget-bettering joy of the wind in your spokes!
[Allen, I am calling you out - get off your scooter and pedal!]