Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Random: Bikes, a Bug, a Bimmer, and the Electric Hamster Cruises Austin

The good news: bike ridership doubled at our office this week!
The bad news: our big, four-story office only has two bike riders.

Is it better to post an in-focus pic with the head hidden or a complete but unfocused pic?
(Praying mantis in the four o-clocks)

The good news: I've seen this electric BMW i3 three times since the electric Bimmer post!
The bad news: for every electric car in Lubbock there are literally thousands of double-cab pickups.

The good news: Electric Hamster cars have made it to Texas! (Thanks, JB!)
The bad news: this ad is from the Austin area. (375 miles away!)
(You must see this KIA Soul EV Hamster commercial!!!!)
FYI, the Kia Soul EV has the longest EV range of  any moderately priced (non-Tesla) EV available in the states. The Koreans are giving the Nissan Leaf some real competition!
May the good news outweigh the bad, and may your Labor Day be safe and joyful!