Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cargo Bikes again?!!

I keep waiting for the jonesing to go away, but this one just keeps hanging on. The cargo bike. Yep, the big honking eco-friendly stuff-and-people hauler with a very high dork factor has me up and dreaming at night. In my continued quest for personal carbon reduction and better role-model-dom, the cargo bike checks a lot of boxes and does it much cheaper than a Nissan Leaf.

I've checked out the used (somewhat out of the price range), the DIY (out of my available time range but close to my money budget), and the new (way out of my price range). So, it looks like I need to wait or e-evaluate. But a mesquite hugger can still dream...

So here is an article and a couple of videos to try to talk you into jonesing with me. We'll start with an article about replacing the family truckster with a cargo bike. Watch for words like "bionic" and "escape pod"!

This next delectable little video shows some die-hard East Coasters in a competition to load and transport large and heavy stuff on cargo bikes. It's a cool video featuring some bad mamma-jamma bikers, but my favorite part is the cargo dog.
(I am starting to realize something about my desire for a cargo bike - I may just be looking for another excuse to haul the dogs around. Hmm. I better look into that.) The next video is a promo video for a a crowd-sourced documentary about the cargo bike movement. Cool stuff!
LESS CAR MORE GO (youtube)
Sidebar to my beloved wife: Check out the soundtrack to this video - you will love it!
Another LESS CAR MORE GO video from the Kickstarter campaign
Non-sequitur alert: Speaking of Ross Evans at Xtracycle, I received an email last night from Ross that teased Xtracycle Leap (the Free Radical replacement) news in January. Fingers crossed!
Inspired yet? Are you ready to pedal the revolution? If so, my work here is done and I can get back to my youtubily driven holiday staycation.
May we all find carbon-neutral transport with a really great soundtrack and room for the dog!