Monday, January 11, 2016

Cargo Bikes and Dogs? Yes!

Years ago I had a vision of me in my later years. I had an archetype to live up to. I have known several guys in their 60s-70s who were/are supremely cool characters. They had been around enough to garner some wisdom and patience, even some generosity. If you had a project in mind, they were always helpful with the how portion and occasionally with the why you shouldn't portion. They tended to be wise in matters spiritual, financial, and ethical. They helped to define the MIWB concept for me.

Strangely enough, they all drove older pickups and usually had a very trusty dog nearby. (Small sidebar: dogs were not fashion accessories for these guys - they were trusted and loyal friends. Generally speaking, I like dogs much better than people.) My vision of future me cruised around in an old sweptline Dodge or an Econoline pickup, and my dog rode in the cab - never in the bed.

But times have changed. I am trying my darnedest to give up the gasoline, to have a lighter footprint, and to be healthy enough to actually make it to old-guy-ness. So there goes the cool old truck, and I am going to need a really tiny dog if I keep riding a standard bicycle. (I tend to like my dog friends more in the medium to large range.) I am not ready to cruise around with a teacup poodlehuahua in a papoose, so I am thinking I need a cargo bike.

(See, I did make it around to cargo bikes eventually.)

I have been subscribing to emails and tweets from many electric bike companies, and the Rad Power people have generously emailed me on a regular basis. This week, they are even speaking my language. They seem to know that I have been jonesing for a RadWagon (drool) and they seem to have picked up on my love of dogs. So they sent me a customer-made video of a guy and his dog who took a camping trip on their new electric cargo bike. (Sigh)

Kylie and I prefer flannel, but we do love a sammich!
In reality, it's not the most exciting bike video on youtube, but for a guy who spent his Sunday afternoon installing a new-ish toilet in an old house, the bike-and-dog trip looks like a much better way to live. And Kylie (my velcro wundermutt) has had a faraway look in her eye lately.

See that faraway look?

Yep, the old guy I wanna be definitely needs a cargo bike. (The middle-aged guy I wanna be would like a cargo bike now so that it can look old like me when I do.)

May your vision of future you be a supremely cool character who rides green, has great adventures, and does his/her/its part to save the world for future generations of dogs and people.

Speaking of dogs and people, we really need to come up with the dinero for two RadWagons. My lovely wife and her less-velcro wundermutt Mattie have had that faraway look too. (My wife does not prefer flannel, but a good PB&J usually brings a smile.)

Mattie (and Kylie) enjoying the good life!