Friday, January 8, 2016

Crowdfunding a Katharine Hayhoe Project? I am in!

Global Weirding. I like it already.

To start, let's talk about Dr. H. There's a good chance you have not heard of her unless you're an eco-geek or an undergrad. She is a climate scientist at (Lubbock's very own) Texas Tech University, and she has gained international fame and respect for her contributions to her field and for her ability to communicate complex issues in very relatable terms. (If you want a better understanding of this ability, hop on youtube or Netflix and watch episode 1 of Years of Living Dangerously. As an added bonus, you can see that army dude from Iron Man as well as Han Solo/Indiana Jones in the same episode.)


Needless to say, this blogger is a big fan of Dr. Hayhoe's work (and we have to support our hometown heroes), so...
...please watch the video, check out the campaign page, and consider funding this project to foster common-ground communication in our deeply divided society.

Text from the campaign page:
In this series, we're going to tackle all the climate change issues you’ve heard, head-on. How do we know this thing is even real? Why do scientists say it's humans, and not natural cycles like it¹s been every other time? Is climate change causing the crazy weather we see today? Does fixing climate mean we have to shut down the economy? Why are the Pope and the National Association of Evangelicals piling on? And why do we climate scientists get so much hate mail? Money and politics, God and global warming, every topic we avoid in polite conversation—we're going there.

May better communication lead to action and hope.