Monday, March 7, 2016

Spur(ring) The Tiny(House)ness, Texas

Last week, the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal ran another story on our local tiny-house-friendly town, Spur, Texas. [Blogger note: For those of you not familiar with Spur, they are the first town in the US to actively embrace and encourage the tiny house lifestyle.
They built it and the people are thundering in like a small herd of box turtles.] It was good to get caught up. I am sneaking in some photos garnered from the website.

Bright sun and a pumpjack, must be home.

Loving the skylights.

To be honest, I have been slacking in keeping up with goings-on in Spur; not from a lack of interest as much as a presence of way too many interests. After reading the AJ article, I popped over to and poked around for a while. My favorite part of that site is always the blog, and again it did not disappoint.
As life gets busier, more complicated, and more stressful here in the city, I see a great appeal in finding a way to live low-cost and low-profile in a place like Spur. I recommend reading the How to make friends and get along in Spur, TX blog post. They have a library, a community garden, and they are near hiking trails and a reservoir. Pretty tempting stuff.

May you find the place that is just right for you, be it Spur or Bangladesh. Happy Monday, friends!