Wednesday, March 9, 2016

AMIE: Tiny House EV Concept that checks a lot of Mesquite Hugger Boxes

Check out the MH Checklist, y'all!

A tiny house that looks like a roly-poly bug? Check.
An ugly (hybrid) electric vehicle? Check.
A photo of a dog? Check.
It was featured in Gizmag and Treehugger? Check.
Self-generated, clean (and shared) energy? Check.
Minimal  construction waste? Check.

A house and car that share the love? Check.

Cool animated video? Check.
Raised bed garden? Nope

Backyard chickens? Nope
Recycling? Nope
Cheap Cargo Bike? Nope

Okay, so you can't have everything, but I am loving the concept and all the stuff it does have!

May we keep striving for better, keep choosing better, and never give up.