Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DIY Instructables Project Daydreaming - Plus a Challenge to You

The list of stuff I want to build:

a front porch stand (for the self-watering pickle bucket planters)

a trials bicycle (to jump curbs - not buildings)

a successful worm composting setup

The projects I want to finish:


The dream project:

So, what triggered all of this daydreaming? Well, besides the usual overactive brain thing, Instructables has two contests going right now that have definite Mesquite Hugger appeal - the Urban Farming Contest and the Bicycle Contest 2016. Yep, bikes and urban farming - what could be better?
Urban Farm Prizes

Bicycle Prizes, you Nutcase!

The challenge?
Well, I'm giving you a big heads-up on our second annual Mesquite Hugger Augustructables contest. That's the one where you have a chance to create the coolest earth-loving thing you can find on Instructables, send in a pic and a brief description, and have the opportunity to win a really crappy prize -we are a very low-budget operation around here. What's the prize? We do not know yet. What are the rules? Ditto. When is the deadline for entries? August 31, 2016.
May you build your earth-loving Instructable project and may we all be winners for it!