Monday, May 9, 2016

Another Droolworthy Cargo Bike - the Benno (and Yuba news)

Let the drooling begin.

My Number 1 and Number 2 green goals are carbon-free energy production and carbon-free transportation. And I really like wheels. But I can't afford my own solar array just yet. And I can't afford an electric car just yet.

So what's a Mesquite Hugger to do? Pedal. (And hang my clothes up to dry by the light of my LED bulbs.)

But it's hard to pedal everything everywhere all the time, especially when you are a gray-haired old codger like me. Therefore, I still drive a less-than-eco-friendly pickup truck all too often.

I've been dreaming of an electric cargo bike. (You may have seen that around here once or twice.) And that keeps me searching for a machine that will mostly replace the truck. Today I found the Benno, a new cargo bike: 

Bike Europe Article (By the way, my biggest cycle hurdle is #5 - weather)

Front Rack

No rack, no motor, no battery (and fairly normal looking)

The electric version is the Boost E. The non-electric version is the Carry On. The company also offers two non-cargo bikes, but we are not worried with those. I have not found any word on pricing, but the components are high quality and Bosch mid-drive motors are never cheap. Still, a Mesquite Hugger can dream!

While doing the search, I also ran across a couple of tempters in the Yuba line-up. First, you can now buy a base-model Yuba Mundo for $999 with free shipping. I didn't know you could buy one that cheaply. And I'm pretty excited about it. (I can just imagine the Mundo with a mid-drive motor added, or maybe even a GeoOrbital wheel - who needs a truck?)

Second, you can get a Yuba Boda Boda V3 in a step-over frame (for $600 more - ouch!). I had only seen the Boda BodaV2 ($999) in a step-through, and that version was always a little too PeeWee Herman for my tastes. But the step over V3, it looks goooood!

Boda Boda V2 Step Thru PeeWee's Playhouse word of the day - Boda Boda!

May you reach your green goals without too much drooling and without feeling like a PeeWee wannabe, and may you enjoy the ride!