Wednesday, May 11, 2016

So close! A Comuta-Car (Citicar) in Arlington, TX!!!

[Here I go again rambling on about tiny electric cars from the past. It's a sickness - I just can't help it!]

Bumped up to 6 horsepower!
I have written, talked, dreamed, schemed, and even joked about Citicars, but I have hardly mentioned the Comuta-Car. I guess it's time to fix that. Sebring-Vanguard built Citicars in Florida from 1974 to 1977. After they stopped production, the design was purchased by another company, Commuter Cars, which started building a slightly updated version named the Comuta-Car. (They also produced the oh-so-spacious and powerful Comuta-Van.) They continued production until 1982.
This and many more here. You could get a deluxe matched color trailer?!!!
What's the difference between a CitiCar and a Comuta-Car? The biggest is battery placement and bumpers. The batteries were moved outside the cabin and into the bumpers. (The Comuta-Car grew in length and picked up 1 more horsepower.)
So, here's the reason for the post - a Comuta-Car popped up on Ebay this week, and it's just 300 miles east of here. And so far, it's cheap. (It's cheap because very few of us eco-dorks are drooling over it, and we don't seem to be a wealthy crowd.) So bask in its fixer-upper glory and let it haunt you. Dream of tooling quietly about in this eco-friendly piece of electric history while listening to Blondie on the 8-track. May your black and white dreams turn green!
All the same electric car questions almost 40 years ago!
Don't even get me started on this sexy beast!

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