Friday, May 13, 2016

Lubbock on a Bike: Bike to Work Week, Day, and Commuter Nirvana Returns

The next two weeks are big ones for Lubbock cyclists. Already, I have been noticing more and more cyclists on the street. Yesterday I even ran across a smiling woman riding a folding bike on Memphis Avenue. (There's a certain bike-dork-cool in spotting a folding bike actually being ridden.)

The National Bike Challenge is rocking right along...

...but Spencer has stepped it up this year and is kicking my butt all over the street with his 7 miles per day. My 3-day per week commutes just don't aren't cutting it! The  NBC website is working now. (Please join us!)

Week 2 - I have logged 50 miles so far - a few gallons of gas not burnt!
Support a local business and get your bike on this Saturday:

Velocity Bike Shop is having a 10th Anniversary event this weekend.

Next week has two big bike events.

The whole week is National Bike to Work Week. Next Friday is Bike to Work Day. Mark your calendars!

  • Bike to Work Week - May 16-20
  • Bike to Work Day - May 20

  • Check out all these places that ENCOURAGE people to ride. 

    Next Friday!
    My favorite poster - Santa Cruz

    Cedar Rapids invites you to Bike to Lunch with the Mayor
    (Can you imagine that with Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson?)

    My favorite part:

    The following week begins my favorite bike commuter season because summer is here and we will finally see the Last Day for Lubbock Independent School District - May 27 Wooooohooo!!! Yes, Bike Commuter Nirvana begins. It's a time when the town's population drops by 20,000 (college students head home) and a time when stressed-out parents and hormone-filled teens are not distractedly driving to the neighborhood schools. Yep, I can start using better routes that pass dangerously close to schools. Birds will sing! Flowers will bloom! The commute will go from Mad-Max intense to Cinderella-with-the-birds blissful. Yep, I am excited!

    May your commute be healthy and peaceful for us all!