Monday, November 7, 2016

A New E-bike on its way to Lubbock: the Adventure begins!

A few posts ago I mentioned Grizz and a Sondors - so here's the beginning of the follow-up.

A few posts before that mention, I wrote about the Sondors as one of the sub-$1000 e-bikes that are available out there. I even included a review from that mentioned LunaCycle and Sondors upgrades. I also subscribed to Sondors' email updates. (Okay, now we have the groundwork laid.)

Back in February of 2015 when the Sondors was big news on the Indiegogo scene, Grizz fell in love with the bright yellow fatbike and he deliberated and fretted and bit his fingernails over whether or not to take the gamble and order two. He eventually went cautious and did not order the $500 wonderbike. And he has been disappointed with that decision.

I hope he ordered the pink one!

Thursday I got an email from Sondors informing me that they have a "Sale" section on their website. being the cheapo frugal individual that I am, I ran straight to the sale site. Sure enough, they have some Sondors Originals for $499 and some Sondors Aluminums for $599. Neither one has an LCD screen, but that can be added for $150. I shared that with Grizz and his mental juices started flowing:

Should I buy one?
Which one should I buy?
Should I get the LCD?
Will 350 watts be enough?
Where do I get the money?
Which color should I buy?
Wait a minute - is it really cheaper to buy a new one (which has an LCD screen) than buy a closeout model and add an LCD? (The answer is Yes!)

Then Grizz came to a realization. He has been throwing his change in a (really big) jar for years, and it might be time to see how much money was in the jar. Grizz counted the money and found the answer to one question, with a little coin left over.

So, we started researching and deliberating together on the smartest possible move.
And LunaCycle came back into our thoughts. You see, they sell an upgraded controller and LCD screen combo for $100.

So, now Grizz has an empty change jar, and a  fat-tired Sondors Original e-bike (with hop-up parts) on the way. He has entered the foray into electric bike ownership and both of us are all too excited for the thing to arrive. We will keep you posted.

May your second chance pop up and be a blessing for us all!