Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Little Cargo Bike-ishness for Saturday

[You know me. It's been killing me not writing much about cargo bikes lately.]

Two quick cargo bike bits of news:

Bit of News #1: This morning it was an article in the DIY Biking Blog - thanks, Mike!

Love this photo!

DIYBiking: Sunday's Cargo Bike Festival, Cranksgiving San Jose,,,and Traffic Wow, that title conveys a lot. Cargo bike festival - that implies that more than one person in the area rides a cargo bike. Again, wow! Cranksgiving - bicyclists getting together for fellowship and stewardship. Again, wow! Traffic. I am not going to say wow on that one, but he makes some valid points. The article even contains a local business/bike rack comment: "In front of Moonbeams Coffee in San Jose with a Box Bike. There is absolutely no bike rack to be found here so I don't go often." (Mike, I look forward to seeing pics and a story of the cargo bike festival.)

Am I just rambling here? Probably, but one of my favorite parts of this whole worldwidewebsocialmedia thing is that we get to share possibility. In one short post we get to see possibility in people pedaling and working together for a better world. And we get to see places where these things are happening. (Lubbock, we need to try this Cranksgiving thing.)

Bit of News #2: An overlooked Cargo Bike

Flying BeaverTail

So there I was surfing the web helping Grizz find hop-up parts for a Sondors (exciting news there - more info later) and I ended up on As I was browsing the bikes I saw a nifty little cycle truck. So I investigated. The investigation took me to a little shop in Northern California that hand fabricates variations on the cargo bike theme.

How cool is that? (Cycle Trucks website)

The Beavertail, their longtail (and my fave), is $1125 for the frame kit or $1600 for a ready to ride bike. They also sell Cycle Trucks and Sport Utility Bikes (S.U.B.) along with a handful of custom racks. If you are in the market for a cargo bike, these are definitely worth checking out!

Dogs and kids and cargo bikes!

Future Cycle Trucker

Cargo Bike and Beer Dog!

Where the magic happens and an S.U.B

May your bike and cargo bike dreams come true!