Friday, November 18, 2016

Electric (and Cargo) Bike Discount Season Heats Up! (Minipost)

Two more bike deal emails rolled in this week.

Electric Bike Deal:

Once again, Evelo is offering their sliding scale Black Friday sale. You can save on their e-bike line, but the discount does not extend to my favorite Evelo Product, the Evelo Omni Wheel; however, they do have some Open-Box Specials on those that can save you $250-$350.

Some of Evelo's Virtues - Love the 10-Day Trial, the Warranty, and Free Shipping!
Cargo Bike Deal: (Non-electric)
For those of you looking for a nifty way to get your family around, Yuba sent out a Holiday Special deal to get you started. For $999 you can get a Boda Boda V2 with lots of family-friendly stuff and a Flip-Flop Balance Bike.

Lots of extras and a balance bike for the regular price of just the bike
If you are in the market for a mid-tail cargo bike to haul the kiddoes, this is a sweet deal!
I will keep you posted if any other bargains pop up!

May a bargain make you a green(er) biker!

PS. If you run across other e-bike or cargo bike deals, please share so MH can spread the word!

PPS. Sondors and Ariel Bikes still have their sales going on.