Thursday, September 25, 2014

Avoiding the Fridge Clean-out Horror

The Ghost of Veggies Past

It usually coincides with shopping day - which is depressing enough - but one of the most depressing days around our house is fridge clean-out day. That's the day when we realize that our grand plans for cooking and eating healthier foods at home have gone horribly wrong.

And that is a failure on several fronts:
  • we are trying to eat healthier
  • we are trying to spend quality time at home together
  • we are trying to save money
  • wasting fresh and healthy food is a terrible thing
  • and I haven't built a composter yet - so it's all waste
And I am the bad influence at home. My wife will suggest that we cook at home and I will suggest that we are both tired, that we hate doing dishes, that the house is too full of dogs, and that I have a coupon to this or that eatery.

So, I pay attention when I see an article that offers suggestions that help us to reduce our food waste in hopes of learning to do better. Green Living Ideas offered up one such article today: 5 Money-saving Sustainable Food Strategies

May you not know the horror from the fridge or pantry!

PS. We have two great and lovable young dogs up for adoption - please let me know if you interested in giving them a great home!

Kylie the Cuddler

Matilda - sweet and very smart