Friday, January 13, 2017

Fossil free Friday the 13th: A $1300 E-Bike Cruiser (Juiced)

Juiced Bikes is one of those companies I've enjoyed watching lately. For quite a while, they seemed a one-trick pony. They offered a single bike in a few variations - a very sturdy and accessible cargo bike with some really impressive range options (up to 100 miles!) Then they offered up something completely different - the CrossCurrent, a fast and sexy beast for a very low sum of money - when compared with similarly equipped e-bikes. Then they surprised me by offering the CrossCurrent Air - a slightly stripped-down version of the CrossCurrent with a noticeably lower price.
Yesterday, I had a moment of boredom and decided to pop over to the Juiced website, and (Holy moly!) they surprised me again. Yep, there it was: a new bike model, a cruiser they call the OceanCurrent.
Striking in red
Like their other offerings, it looks like a lot of bike for the money. Like the CC Air, you can get a better deal if you pre-order. So, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse. The OceanCurrent has lots of quality components, a torque sensor(!), a 24 mph top speed, a 48 volt battery pack, and a great warranty. If you order soon, it also comes with free shipping. That's a lot to love in this price range!

It comes as a step-through too! (Go to the site and check it out in Sea Foam!)

The Juiced Line-Up is growing!

I have been wanting this one since it was announced!

Where did that page come from?
For you cheap curmudgeons like me, Juiced also added a Refurb Shop page. Besides some great deals, it's the first place I've seen a pic of a step-thru CrossCurrent. Very cool.

So many choices! So, now I'm leaning toward the Refurb CrossCurrent in Red with free shipping and those oh-so-appealing hydraulic disc brakes. If you're giving up the gas, shouldn't you do it on a speedy roadster like this? Really, though, I'd happily ride any of their bikes.

May we all find a low-carbon ride, and may our surprises be good ones!